Another Chris Christie reference? — 13 Comments

  1. Scientists have assured Midwesterners they can get used to the cold. Midwesterners tell scientists to go to Hell–they’ll get used to the heat.

  2. 22 Iraqi student militants studying suicide bombings were killed today when their commandant instructor accidentally used an armed belt during a demonstration. Two questions come to mind;
    1. Was the instructor hired on the basis of putting in the lowest bid for the job?
    2. Do you think that they are going to have to outsource to be able to find 1,584 Virgins for those martyrs?

  3. Aston Martin has recalled 5000 cars sold in the US for throttle problems. Apparently, not enough throttle movement … All the owners are driving like Bland, James Bland.

  4. A nude Florida teen in a state of delirium fought off cops for 10 minutes with a large clock. Looks like he’ll be doing time.

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