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  1. The NFL has an app you can download that will allow them to target your smart phone with area specific information, like which bathrooms at MetLife Stadium have the shortest lines, where the best bloody fan fights are going on, and where you can buy all kinds of crap souvenirs. At the same time, it also can target your phone with ads designed especially for you based on what their data base knows about your preferences. Errors are common in this sort of system, for example in the movie “Minority Report” Tom Cruise was given information about mens clothes.

  2. California is experiencing a drought and people are being asked to conserve water. Lindsay Lohan is doing her part–she is drinking scotch straight instead of on the rocks.

  3. A Pittsburgh area McDonalds restaurant drive thru employee has been arrested for selling heroin at her work station. Apparently McSmack is not officially on the menu there.

  4. The recent blanket of fog in the Vancouver area has road construction flag people claiming that it’s very dangerous to be out working. Really? It’s probably no more dangerous than standing in between a mother grizzly and her cub with a fish tied around your neck.

  5. Have you heard? Lindsay Lohan is getting a reality show … No name yet but how about, “Crashing Porsches For Dummies.”

  6. President raises minimum wage to $10.10 an hour … Great news! Now I can get that $35,000 Ford F150 pickup I’ve always wanted.

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