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  1. Will, do you know what else could get confused at 3 a.m.? KY Jelly and Super Glue. A tape of that disaster could end up as a music video for the song “Stuck In The Middle With You” by Stealers Wheel.

  2. UK lawmakers have told the royals they need to reduce costs by cutting staff. The Royal family has responded by announcing that Camilla will no longer have a personal trainer to exercise her, monitor her diet, and prepare her for show jumping.

  3. In Milwaukee, a concert violinist had his $6-Million Stratovarius stolen when he was hit with a taser in the parking lot. Truly shocking!

  4. Tattooed Librarians Reveal Their Rebellious, Unconventional Sides…for example: “Save a Rat, Eat a Pussy!” Meow…

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