As the worm turns – part III… — 12 Comments

  1. The army is considering using robots. There won’t be much of a need for humans in the armed forces with the army using robots and the navy employing seals.

  2. Justin Bieber was arrested in Florida for street racing, but after he paid (for him) a chump change fine, he was released. Local prisoners suffered double disappointment when they learned that not only was the Biebster not going to prison, but also all of those cases of KY Jelly they bought in the prison gift shop are not returnable.

  3. What Seahawk’s Richard Sherman really wanted to say to Fox sideline reporter Erin Andrews: Oh, it’s you, I almost didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.

  4. Dumb crook of the week award goes to a bank robber that passed a scribbled holdup note to a teller who couldn’t read what it said. He should have asked for her phone number and sent her a text. DUH!

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