As the worm turns – part II… — 9 Comments

  1. Bad news for The Captain and Tennille fans. After 39 year’s of marriage, Tennille has filed for divorce. The Captain was quoted as saying: “Love couldn’t keep us together.”

  2. The Mar’s rover Opportunity has discovered what looks like a jelly donut on the planet’s surface … I guess that answers the age-old question, “Car 54 where are you?”

  3. Today is National Reading Day. Students all across the country will observe this day by reading facebook posts, tweets, and text messages.

  4. An Oakland Raiders cheerleader is suing the team for low pay she claims is less than minimum wage. In fact, Raiders cheerleaders receive less pay than Raiders fans get making license plates.

  5. George Clooney enjoyed pulling pranks on Bill Murray while he was a houseguest at Clooney’s home. Murray got back at Clooney by setting him up on a blind date with a woman his own age.

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