Don’t fear the reaper.


Mississippi State was fined $25,000 by the SEC for violating the league’s “artificial noisemaker” policy. The fine stems from a fan tradition of showing up at games with cowbells, which can only be used at “approved times.” So alas I guess it’s true, you CAN have too much cowbell.


Don’t fear the reaper. — 5 Comments

  1. Monday night was the last game at Candlestick, ever. All the old 49er stars were there, including Joe Montana who unfortunately fell and couldn’t get up … Fortunately, Kwame Harris was there to give Joe mouth to mouth.

  2. Cartoonists have long-used an incandescent light bulb hanging over a character’s head as the universal symbol for “idea.” The new, spiral-shaped lights take longer to brighten, so now, is everybody just a bit dumber?

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