Longest joke EVER here!

JERRY W says:

James was laid off from his job working as a ventriloquist in a circus side show, so he went to his friend and told him he needed to find work quickly. 
His friend said, “Because of computer generated sound effects, there’s not much work for ventriloquists anymore, but there’s always plenty of work for psychics.” So James went home, read a book on psychics, and hung a psychic sign outside his house. Within an hour, a woman knocked on the door and said, “I want to talk to my deceased Bernie, how much will it cost me?”. James replied, “If you just talk to him, it’s $25.00 but if he talks to you it’s going to be $50.00. Now, if you want to talk to each other while I’m drinking a glass of water, that will be $75.00″.


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  1. My apologies if as T.C. posted this was a Rodney Dangerfield joke. Of course I would have given credit before stealing it if I knew that. I heard it from a friend last week and just wanted to pass it along.
    Live long and perspire,

  2. Kim Jong Un, supreme leader for life of North Korea had his uncle executed this week … The official reason was treasonous behaviour, but those in the know blame that fruit cake he gave Kim last Christmas.

  3. The truth has come out in the Asiana Airlines crash at SFO. The pilots made a real rookie mistake … They confused the low-speed stick shaker with the high-speed cocktail shaker.

  4. A jet mechanic was arrested Friday as he attempted to drive a vehicle full of explosives into the terminal at Wichita’s airport … He was easily subdued after a pilot got him drunk from the cockpit mini-bar.

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