Rob Ford embarrassing? Nah. — 12 Comments

  1. Two Houston Texans security guards were fired when they posed for photos with NE QB Tom Brady while still on shift. They were disappointed, not at losing their jobs, but that Gisele Bundchen wasn’t available.

  2. Funniest call ever from Monday night. Ref Hoculi: “There was no delay of game, as the refs had not completed switching balls”. Wow, it must have been colder than it looked on TV.

  3. When news of the Yankees signing Red Sox center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury broke, Boston fans took to Tweeter and called him a “Trader”. There are over 50 top tier colleges in the Boston area – apparently none of them teach English.

    • T.C., would you prefer they used the Qubecouis “traitour”? I understand that there are at least 23 other words in French for that personality, excuse my French, trait.

  4. A California couple beat 1:100,000,000 odds when they had identical triplets this week. Sadly, the Mega Millions lottery odds are 3X worse @ 1:300,000,000. Oh, baby!

  5. Harvard is $34 million in debt. The Crimson could throw a few games to pay it off … But first they’d have to win.

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