Not Biathlon, Crackthlon.

WILL the THRILL says:

In an attempt to avoid embarrassments due to wayward Olympic athletes (London 2012), Australian rules now state that drunken antics, fighting, staggering about, etc., will result in banishment. Canadian Olympian officials noted that such behavior will cause the athlete to be shipped home to become the next mayor of Toronto.


Not Biathlon, Crackthlon. — 10 Comments

  1. A Polish coffin manufacturer has caused a stir by publishing a calendar featuring nude women posing with the company’s products. Those in the coffins won’t be the only stiffs.

  2. A Minnesota man sent 1,000 $1 bills fluttering down inside the Mall of America rotunda to spread some holiday cheer. Wouldn’t raining down $1 bills been more appropriate at a strip mall?


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