E-cigs for E-verybody. — 5 Comments

  1. Alec Baldwin is in trouble again, this time for calling a reporter a faggot … Shame on you Alec. You know not all reporters have a law degree.

  2. The Norwegian Army says it will put its troops on a weekly vegetarian diet to assist against global warming. The Swiss Army said they will stop sending its knives to them if all they’re using them for is peeling apples.

  3. Three members of Willie Nelson’s band, The Family, were injured Saturday when a bus they were riding in crashed in east Texas. The accident occured due to poor visibility– there was heavy fog inside the bus.

  4. Next year Hyundai starts selling a SUV powered by a hydrogen fuel cell … For those who don’t know, hydrogen is the most abundant natural gas we have, apart from after eating a FIERY DORITOS LOCOS TACO.

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