Did he want that “to go”? — 8 Comments

  1. San Francisco converted itself into Gotham City on Friday for a 5-year-old with leukemia. Of course, anytime of year San Fran is filled with batmen.

  2. Butterball says there will be a shortage of large turkeys this year because turkeys aren’t getting as heavy as they used to–a notable exception being Rob Ford.

  3. There are expensive products out there that promise to boost your testosterone. If you want to feel more manly on the cheap, just watch a Richard Simmons video.

  4. The Bears-Ravens game was suspended because of a severe tornado warning in Chicago Sunday. Players and fans were evacuated from the field … Of course there was no real danger to the players, they’d already received their head injuries.

  5. A Michigan man moved into a house next door to his ex-wife and erected a 12-foot-tall statue of the middle finger. Needless to say, the ex-wife didn’t give the statue a thumbs up.

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