Keeping our fingers crossed! — 12 Comments

  1. TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau may be sent to prison for lying about a product he was advertising. The cell is expected to be large enough to hold “ShamWow” Vince and Ron Popeil, the Pocket Fisherman guy as well.

  2. Former 49ers offensive lineman Kwame Harris, who is gay, was convicted of battery when he beat up his ex-boyfriend in a Chinese restaurant. He said he was only sorry that he didn’t pummel him again half an hour later.

  3. Tom Cruise says his job as an actor is just as tough as a soldier’s. He doesn’t get the difference that in a days “shoot” as a soldier can land you in places like Flander’s Field – permanently.

  4. My wife reads romance novels to keep from talking to me. Hell, I can take off my shirt, oil my muscular torso, and pretend I’m a handsome Count. “Yeah,” she says, “Count Dorkula.”

  5. sorry Bill, if you meant media picking up jokes here, I’d say most of them taken are sports related, but I have seen other quotes used, with proper credit given of course.

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