That’s a spicy meatball story!


An American scholar claims to have made a controversial discovery that proves the entire story of Jesus was made up by Roman aristocrats… Baloney! If that were true Jesus would have turned water into espresso, tossed five pizzas to feed 5000, and FIAT would win Indy every time.


That’s a spicy meatball story! — 13 Comments

  1. The Oregon Ducks are planning to wear pink helmets this weekend. So that partly answers the question, What happened to all their gear, when the Lingerie Football League folded?

  2. In response to the St Louis Cardinals calling the Dodgers a Mickey Mouse operation, LA first baseman Adrian Gonzales made Mickey Mouse ears with his hands as he crossed home plate after hitting a home run. Wonder how many “Gonzales is Goofy” signs showed up at Busch Stadium tonite?

    Prob none, cause Cards fans are classier than the Bay of Puigs.

  3. A British man said police told him to cover up portions of his outdoor Halloween display because it was upsetting children. Apparently, his display included several ghouls with perfect teeth.

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