Lowly Giants. A study in contrasts.


A strip club in New York City has banned New York Giants football games on their big screen TV because the fans’ booing the lowly NFL team distracts the dancers, especially when the Giants try to run the naked bootleg.


Lowly Giants. A study in contrasts. — 11 Comments

  1. It’s probably just me, but doesn’t Ted Cruz’s steely sanctimonious gaze make him look more and more like Wisconsin’s junior Senator Tailgunner Joe McCarthy every day?

  2. A new study says ginseng may help erectile dysfunction … It’ll work for sure, but you’ll be horny thirty minutes later.

  3. My wife wants her dermatologist to do a micro-abrasion on her face. Fine with me. Hell, it’s no skin off my nose…

  4. Congress and Senate vote to end 16-day shutdown. Obama to sign … Thank goodness. Now Smokey the Bear can stop doing it in the woods for the big bucks.

  5. Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden has become a weed-ridden mess during the government shutdown. Fortunately, Bill Clinton said he will help rejuvenate the garden. He even volunteered to bring a few hoes.

  6. Scientists are alarmed that there has been a sharp decline in the moose population. Paris Hilton attributes the drop in numbers to moose being killed to make rich desserts.

  7. Police in Indiana arrested a man accused of running through traffic nude and jumping onto vehicles while they were stopped at traffic lights. You don’t want to know what he used in lieu of a squeegee.

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