No pole, though. — 5 Comments

  1. Scientists say that it is raining diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn. If that ever happened on earth, that’s one ice storm my wife would go out in.

  2. Science says that a diamond is the hardest substance on earth. And it will continue to be unless I ever see Scarlett Johansson naked.

  3. Some people make money by posting goofy cat videos on the Internet. Hmmm, I thought, I’ll do this too. So, I bought a web-oriented pet…So far, no one seems interested in my duck videos.

  4. The head coach of the 0-5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Greg Schiano says “The only thing I can say to the fans is, if they can hang in there, we’re going to be good,”. Okay, but by that time it will be under a different coaching staff.

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