Crazy ruskies. — 13 Comments

  1. An old man masturbated at a McDonalds Drive thru as he attempted to pay for his food. Hopefully, the cashier did not tell him to come again.

  2. In spite of a government shutdown, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has refused to close federal parks. A good thing since federal parks in Wisconsin provide important recreational activities like hiking, fishing, and milking.

  3. Did you hear about the farmer who gave his farmhand free housing and a pumpkin? Yes, that’s right–free room and gourd.

  4. A new poll says that clubbing is just as popular in Vegas as gambling is. Especially among those casino employees who deal with cheaters.

  5. A NYC strip club has decided to stop showing Giants games. Makes sense–male customers are not there to see the Giants getting undressed each week.

  6. Police said 600 pumpkins worth $4,200 were stolen from a Long Island, N.Y., farm. Six hundred pumpkins can make about 3,000 pies. Chris Christie says he has an alibi.

  7. Microsoft wants to boot Bill Gates for a younger CEO. Bill Gates is so old, he remembers when “computer” was the guy in class who could figure out which girl wore falsies.

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