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  1. Archeologists have found a 5,000-year-old leopard trap in Israel. Of course, it was empty because there are no 5,000-year-old leopards.

  2. Team Oracle won the Americas Cup. And it’s a little like Kennedy’s famous speech. We strive for greatness not because it is easy, but because we can cheat.

  3. Schools in Finland are the best according to Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), a standardized test given to 15-year-olds. The US was 19th. But don’t despair, the US was a resounding first in (PIZZA), stealing a nerd’s lunch money within 30 minutes of leaving home.

  4. A man in China is growing a nose on his forehead to be replace his old one … It started with Mao Zedong, and now includes Mao Zenose and Mao Zeears.

  5. Over the weekend President George H W Bush was an official witness at a same-sex marriage in Maine … Know the difference between a regular marriage and one between two women? The maid of honour and the best man wear the same dresses.

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