The tables are turned. — 9 Comments

  1. Suppose you’d be like the guy in Africa who woke up and found an 8-foot crocodile sleeping under your bed. Your first clue that it’d be under there? Your bed becomes a launching pad when it yawns.

  2. The PGA may put a halt to fans phoning in rules violations. Tiger got dinged with penalties at The Masters & BMW Championship this year after viewers called citing rule breaches. Woods’ GF Lindsey Vonn, however, said fans are welcome to call her any time if they see Tiger committing any infractions, such as being with pancake or cocktail waitresses.

  3. Cher won’t perform at the Russian Olympics because of their anti-gay laws, she claims … But the real reason: Her new lips don’t work below 32 degrees.

  4. “Culinary workers to go on strike in Las Vegas.” One hundred and sixty eight Elvis impersonators who eat three hundred and thirty six peanut butter and banana sandwiches a day are the only ones who care.

  5. A man in Germany destroyed his $160,000 BMW M6 with a sledge hammer because the dealer couldn’t fix all the problems. Wonder why he didn’t use a golf club? After all, it is the ultimate “driving” machine.

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