Weiner even lost to Carlos Danger. — 9 Comments

  1. On a warm fuzzy sports note the Red Sox did have a really nice tribute to Mariano Rivera last night. Of course, it was probably warmer and fuzzier because Boston doesn’t think they’ll see him in the postseason.

  2. “Herpes-infected monkeys invade Florida.” What a headline. And who would think so many British soccer fans want to live in the Sunshine State.

  3. The average female becomes comfortable with her body at 34. The average male, 14 … I think the difference has to do with genes, and pockets.

  4. Hello Kitty is a billion dollar empire owned by an 83-year-old Japanese man … So how does an 83-year-old man come up with products appealing to 12-year-old girls? Hello mescaline.

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