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  1. I’ve created a new theme song for “Adult Depends” diapers, it’s loosely based on “If You’re Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands”.

    The lyrics are: “If you’re well protected and you know it crap your pants…”.

    Go ahead and try to get that song out of your head, I’ve found that it’s harder to ignore than Disney’s “It’s A Small World After All”.

    Oops, I did it again…..

  2. Conservative commentators on FOX say if Reagan were president today he’d teach Syria a lesson, like he taught Russia a lesson back in 87 about that pesky wall … Course if Reagan were alive today he’d probably think Syria was what he had for breakfast.

  3. A rare 1967 Corvette sold at auction for $3.2 million. It’s rare for two reasons: Chevy built only 20 … And Christine Jorgensen after driving it decided she didn’t need it or her penis.

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