Wants to eat better? Worse? — 11 Comments

  1. While doing the laundry a few days after watching the Labor Day Telethon my wife suggested that I call my underwear “Jerry’s Skids” and avoid dining at Taco Bell. I felt that she was trying to put a stain on my reputation and argued against the idea, but she kept at it because she could smell victory, among other things.

  2. Basic Instinct would have told Catherine that this Fatal Attraction would result in Michael getting throat cancer. The Jew of the Nile probably had picked up the disease long ago on The Streets of San Francisco.

  3. Cleveland Indians pitcher Chris Perez had a package containing 9 oz of pot delivered to his house in his dog’s name. Drug enforcement officials found the dog lying on the couch listening to The Moody Blues along with an empty box of Milk Bones.

  4. Cleveland pitcher, Chris Perez, was fined just $250 for having weed sent to his dog’s name. But wait, his punishment also includes speaking to kids about the dangers of drugs. Imagine these token talks!

  5. A medical marijuana store in Rhode Island is offering to deliver … Delivery is in 30 minutes…or 40 minutes…or 50 minutes…or ‘Whatever dude.’

  6. Oracle Team USA has been caught cheating in the Americas Cup … It’s the age old story. They were embarrassed about the size of their mast so they rubbed it with mast enlargement cream to make it bigger.

  7. Verizon just paid $130B for Vodaphone. 130 billion dollars. That’s 18.3 dollars for every man woman and child on the planet. Don’t know the larger ramifications but pretty sure it means my cell phone bill is going up.

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