I understand that choice. — 12 Comments

  1. Fifty-five of the sixty-nine BCS football schools say no minors on campus because of the Penn State scandal … So I guess at the other 19 schools you can still get coal on campus.

  2. Sonny Bono has been dead for 15 years … And Cher still misses him. Not as much as she misses her third nose. But she still misses him.

  3. Apparently some Christians are claiming that Tim Tebow was cut from the Patriots for reasons of religious persecution. Really? If a guy had a QB rating near 100, he could sacrifice goats at midfield and end up with multiple free agent offers.

  4. Lindsey Vonn has rejoined the US Ski team for the first time since her February injury. She made a couple of practise runs on Sunday in Chile. Coincidentally, her new squeeze Tiger, also went downhill on Sunday and Monday in Boston.

  5. Syrai says Obama is hesitant and confused and is afraid to strike them without Congressional approval. Not only that, they said if America was a McDonald’s meal they’d be “Chicken McNuggets.”

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