You HAVE sheets? — 12 Comments

  1. The cat token is finally making its debut in Monopoly, seven months after being chosen in a world-wide vote … Hasbro dressed the little pussy cat in flesh colored bra and panties, and when she wiggles up backwards to Scottie Dog she goes directly to jail.

  2. The NCAA has suspended QB Johnny Manziel for the 1st two quarters of Texas A & M’s season opener. This means he will be available for the entire first half to autograph your A&M souvenirs.

  3. I have an ATM card that is digital. All it ever says is YOU ARE OVERDRAWN. I tried to cut it in half, but a woman’s voice started screaming.

  4. A group of North Korean pop artists that included leader Kim Jong-un’s ex-girlfriend have been executed for violating strict laws against porn. So we may never hear from Psy again? 😎

  5. The Province of Quebec wants to ban public servants from wearing any religious head wear or symbols. “What if we put a Montreal Canadiens logo on them?” asked community leaders.

  6. Mystery writer Sue Grafton’s mansion is for sale. Not the one in Kentucky. The $10 million one in California with nine bathrooms, ocean view, pool, gym, putting green and croquet lawn. “L is for loaded.”

  7. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are breaking up, and it’s not your usual Hollywood irreconcilable differences. It’s restaurant related. Michael just doesn’t want to eat at the Y anymore.

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