Let me hear that body talk? — 8 Comments

  1. There’s a theory that marijuana cuts down epileptic seizures … Well, so far I’ve had a joint a day for a month and my daughter hasn’t had one seizure.

  2. It says here that Red Lobster Restaurants are the most popular dining places for couples having illicit affairs … Perhaps it’s their slogan, “Double your money back if you get crabs after eating our crab.”

  3. Hey folks, how about this political ticket: The wanna-be mayor of NYC and the they-don’t-want-him-to-be mayor of San Diego. “Touchy Feely and Looky Lou to Serve You in 2022.” 

  4. Chubby Checker joke, extended version:

    A San Francisco judge has ruled that singer Chubby Checker is allowed to sue HP and Palm for copyright infringement. They apparently used his name on an app that measures penis size. Insiders say they will likely change the app name from Chubby Checker to Pecker Checker.

    What’s wrong with Woody Woodypecker Inspector? Or Sex Pistols?

    For those that are less endowed, how about Little Richard?

    A new app that is in the works to measure testicles – Check Berry

    An app on the way for guys suffering from E.D. – Grateful Dead

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