We were hungry when we reached Russia… — 9 Comments

  1. BladeRunner is due next week for his South African court-date. Still no word on a possible endorsement deal for the former Olympian with IHOP.

  2. President Obama is back from vacation and boy is he pissed at Egypt. He says if they don’t start being nice to their people he’s going to completely DOUBLE their military aid!

  3. Lawyers for Johnny Manziel have successfully copyrighted his nickname “Johnny Football”. They are now going to try to add John Henry, John Hancock and Johnny Cash as AKAs

  4. A San Francisco judge has ruled that singer Chubby Checker is allowed to sue HP and Palm for copyright infringement. They apparently used his name on an app that measures penis size. Insiders say they will likely change the app name from Chubby Checker to Pecker Checker.

    What’s wrong with Woody Woodypecker Inspector?

  5. The Treasury Dept says that a batch of new $100 bills were incorrectly stamped $10. Why can’t the government ever make an error in favour of us little people? Like stamping a $1 bill $100???

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