Selig didn’t spare the A-Rod. — 12 Comments

  1. A man purchased a sandwich from an Atlanta Airport vendor that was crawling with maggots … A mixup occurred. Obviously that sandwich was meant for the staff at Paula Dean’s restaurant.

  2. Protests continue worldwide against Russian anti-gay laws by dumping their vodka down the drain. Russian president Putin has responded by banning media from playing music by The Village Comrades.

  3. Albuqureque NM is under fire as a gay couple was ordered to sit in the back of an airport shuttle bus. This comes after a photographer refused a job for a gay wedding. Mayor Richard Berry said he would investigate both incidents, but stopped short of demands to change the city name to Albuquirky.

  4. A NYC cosmetologist has resurrected an age-old face cream discovered in Japan that features the poop of nightingales … Gives a whole new meaning to the old Friday night cry, “Let’s get shit faced!” doesn’t it.

  5. Lindsay Lohan’s latest movie has her first full nude scene and is called “Canyons.” From the looks of her backside, they should have called it “Cottage Cheese.”

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