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  1. In a last minute move, the White House blocked an Apple sales ban in certain markets in the US … When later questioned about the decision the Obama administration said they thought it was a ban on the sale of apple pies in some Safeways.

  2. In a bold move, Bud Selig did not suspend Alex Rodriguiz for doping. He sent him instead to Arizona and they built a fence around him…But don’t worry about his family, they’re still eligible for Obamacare.

  3. Apple retail workers are suing the company for wages for the time that security searches took when leaving work. No thefts were found, however they did discover that 95% of employees are using BlackBerrys and Galaxys.

  4. I’ve been dating a female doctor, and it’s exhausting, exhillerating, and just X. Doctor Strangelove is a human PED.

  5. A woman who is the current Miss Riverton, Utah, in the Miss America pageant was arrested and charged with making and throwing homemade bombs from a car. There goes her chance to win Miss Congeniality.

  6. A study of the first six months of 2013 by researchers at George Mason University showed that President Obama was the most joked about politician on late night talk shows, figuring in 288 punch lines. Finally, a race Anthony Weiner can win!

  7. The GOP has threatened to boycott NBC & CNN for airing shows about Hillary Clinton. These guys are going to become known as the Ebeneezer Grinch Henry VIII Party. Second verse: same as the first.

  8. John McCain is in Egypt meeting with the country’s interim leaders. McCain has a history of cozing up to Egypt’s leadership. As you may recall, he kissed Cleopatra’s asp.

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