Jumpin’ Janice Flash! — 13 Comments

  1. OJ Simpson got his prison time reduced from 33 years to time served plus 4 years … He can thank Nevada’s new “Stand Your Ground and Whine” law.

  2. Senior Golfer Steve Elkington is in hot water calling Pakistanis “Pakkis” on a tweeter message from The British Senior Open. It was ok to call Brittons “Brits” and Scotchmen “Scots” however. He apologized saying he didn’t know better because he was an “Aussie”.

  3. The feature player on the Patriots calendar for August is Aaron Hernandez. For those that are offended, the team will replace that picture with one of Wes Welker.

  4. Beijing China Airport had the worst flight delays of 35 airports studied last month. Only 18% left on time. Who knew that United and Jet Blue started using this airport as a hub?

  5. Due to record delays, Chinese airlines have been hit by air rage amongst its passengers. And these people have tickees. Can you imagine if you had no tickee…..

  6. Russian vodka was dumped into West Hollywood’s street drains to protest that nation’s anti-gay laws. So the next time you are in the seafood dept and see any glassy eyed fish, they were most likely caught in California.

  7. How can you tell if a woman is a femminist? When she bumps her elbow against the bedpost, she screams: “Oh my Goddess!”

  8. Now it’s TSA scanners in airports falling asleep on the job. What is it with aviation workers? Remember that time an air-traffic controller came to work in pajamas and carrying a pillow?

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