Stand your ground, Jerry. — 11 Comments

  1. Age 60, driving 60 in the fast lane, sporting a baseball hat and an attitude, the world is my oyster; I just can’t get it open…

  2. Teresa from “Real Housewives of New Jersey” has been indicted on income tax evasion. She could get 50 years in jail. Or worse than that,  Snooki could move in with her.

    Alex Rodriguez faces a two-year ban from baseball for doping. Or worse than that, Snooki could move in with him.

  3. An unruly crowd brawled and destroyed property following a surfing competition in Huntington Beach, CA. As a deterrent, they should hang ten.

  4. MLB says that David Ortiz will not be suspended for destroying two dugout phones with his bat last weekend in Baltimore. Maybe because even in the dugout no one uses land line phones now anyway?

  5. you wouldn’t believe the “roaming” cellular charges I got hit with when I ordered a hot dog and beer from my seat at Safeco Field, Seattle. It would have been cheaper to use the dugout phone. 8-(

  6. Why is BMW’s electric “i3” the ultimate driving machine? It’s got the world’s longest extension cord.

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