Trouble, that starts with T and that rhymes with P. — 18 Comments

  1. The Coast Guard rescued a man whose boat was capsized by a giant tuna. The man plans to continue tuna fishing and show everyone he’s no “chicken of the sea.”

  2. Kate Middleton has been admitted to the hospital in the early stages of labor. The royal baby is expected to ascend the throne in 2015–when potty-trained.

  3. NY Giants safety Will Hill was suspended for four games in 2012 for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing substances policy. Today, the league says Hill violated the policy again and will be suspended in 2013 —for four more games. Yeah, but this time it will really teach him.

  4. So, conspiracy theorists of the world, where is the speculation that Kim Kardarshian is waiting to show pictures of North West until the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth?

  5. Eliot ‪Spitzer‬ told an interviewer he considered himself a feminist. Well, I guess he did support a woman-owned business and paid well…

  6. Bets on the Royal baby’s name are continuing to pour in. Favorites include Elizabeth, Diana, Alexandra, Charles, Philip, George and Francis. I’m going to make a fortune on my longshot picks of Jermichael, D’Brickashaw, LeSean, JeMarcus, Ndamukong and Sylvester.

  7. Young women mock me: “Oooh, your bald-spot makes you look so sexy!” Dudes, this is life in the past lane…

  8. Scientists have discovered that dolphins have unique names and call out to each other using them. This makes dolphins intellectually superior to other animals like sheep who refer to each other as “hey ewe.”

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