It’s a half-baked idea. — 16 Comments

  1. Outgoing Republican Representative Michele Bachmann says she has a guide for spanking the president … I’ve heard it called many things, but the next time I’m at the “oval office” I’ll wield the Commander-In-Chief with pride due its office.

  2. I’m not much into soccer. When I saw a headline that Manchester United player Wayne Rooney had rejected an offer from Chelsea, I wondered if she cried about it on Bill and Hillary’s shoulders.

  3. A blunt Comedy Club owner suggested I find another line of work: “Will, you tend to bring out the crowd’s gag-reflex.”

  4. My automotive soulmate is an SL500 Mercedes-Benz @$128,000. As I ask the Gods nearly every day, why can’t I trade my wife for happiness??

  5. I tell ya, this new Pope Francis is way different from other popes … Now he’s dumped the old popemobile and picked up a sweet “Little Deuce Coupe.” 

  6. Governor Rick Perry, in an Illinois radio ad trying to lure business to his state – “The escape route leads straight to Texas.” Uh, aren’t they talking about a fence for that?

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