He’s hiding in a tofu turducken. — 9 Comments

  1. An orangutan giving birth was captured on film for the first time. I didn’t even realize that Snookie was pregnant again.

  2. My wife asked if I’d choose 24 hours with a 2013 Corvette or blonde bomb shell Kate Upton. “Well,” I pondered, “I’ve already been in a Corvette…”

  3. George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Kiebler broke up … Apparently she wanted him to dress up as one of her elves but he was too grumpy.

  4. My 19-year-old daughter is a free-spirit. When she returned from Spring Break in Cancun, I heard Jessica answer my wife: “What tan-lines?”

  5. They say you shouldn’t drink to excess when using Cialis, but they don’t say what “excess” means. For me, “excess” was always one drink beyond passing out.

  6. Baseball teams are planning to suspend at least 20 players for using performance enhancing drugs. There are plenty of players around to replace them, all clean. Only problem is, night games are past their bedtimes.

  7. Now a video has surfaced of Justin Bieber urinating into a restaurant
    mop bucket. I know the singer is young, but is he trying to prove
    he’s old enough for Lindsay Lohan?

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