But those tray tables were in the full and upright position. — 11 Comments

  1. They say the pilot who crashed the Asiana Airlines jet at San Francisco was in training. As they were pulling him from the wreckage he was heard to ask “Does this mean I don’t get the job?”

  2. Today, when girls and boys exchange phone numbers, it’s done by bumping Smart Phones. In my day, it was months before we did any bumping…

  3. Because of the crash at San Francisco International, many planes are in a holding pattern waiting for takeoff … This is not to be confused with the TSA pat-down search of a cute young thing.

  4. With lethal drugs in short supply, Missouri may bring back the gas chamber. Death row inmates will be placed in a tiny room with six people who just ate at Taco Bell.

  5. Twitter was abuzz about Barry Manilow’s appearance on “Capitol Fourth.” It was obvious that Manilow had had too many botox treatments. When he sang “Can’t Smile Without You, ” he really meant it.

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