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  1. The flooding in Alberta has resulted in a shortage of beef in Western Canada. The largest producer will not be back in operation until later this week.

    Last weekend, our local racetrack Hastings Park cancelled 2 days of racing due to a shortage of entries. Do the math.

  2. Here’s an interesting story. Asiana Airlines has offered to fly Edward Snowden to Cuba. The US has offered to pay for the gas.

  3. New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton caddied for Ryan Palmer this weekend at the Greenbrier Classic. Have to figure other golfers on the PGA tour were hoping Payton would put bounties on some of those clowns yelling “Get in the Hole.”

  4. NY Giants LB Dan Connor was arrested today when TSA agents found a 4-inch switchblade knife in his carry-on bag. And the NFL is thinking “At least it wasn’t a gun.”

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