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  1. Governor Rick Perry (R-tard, Texas) has clarified his stand on the sanctity of life. In no uncertain terms, the lives of the unborn must be fully protected until such time as they leave the womb, at which point they’re on their own.

  2. India’s GoAir Airlines will only be hiring thin female flight attendants to save on fuel costs. They stole the idea from US discount airline Allegiant, which has flown with skeleton crews since it’s inception.

  3. Samoa Air is charging passengers by weight, along with that of your luggage. Cost is approx $1 kilogram. (2.2 lbs) It would cost the average Canadian woman $75. I wonder how much this fee would cost the average Samoan or Japanese Sumo wrestler.

    In related news, a recent poll revealed that 9 out of 10 jockeys prefer Samoa Air to any other airline.

  4. Team Canada curler Matt Dumontelle has been suspended after tests showed positive for an illegal steroid. Officials were tipped off when they saw him throwing practice shots that landed in row 25 and higher.

  5. GE and Quirky have a new high tech “Egg Minder”, a tray with a Wi-Fi chip that connects it to the Internet, senses how many eggs are left in your refrigerator and sends that information to your smartphone. Or you could just check in the fridge before you go to the store.

  6. The wife says leaving the toilet seat up is a hanging offense. I say if I wasn’t hanging, I wouldn’t be offending.

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