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  1. Websites that offer “Live Help” always make me think, OK, I guess that beats the Dead kind, even if the agent is based in New Delhi.

  2. I really liked how Howard chose “Retro” as the title for Janice’s joke at the top, using the words cash, magazine, newspaper and book in the same sentence is so 20th century. When you consider that a majority of todays U.S. population have never seen, much less used a rotary phone, how long before those 4 words will need to have a “click here” link to a history book page?

  3. “World War Z,” the movie. Zombies threaten to eat our brains … If you live in a basement, you’ll be safe.

    Vladimir Putin pocketed the NBA championship ring of New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft after asking to look at it …. Not Putin’s fault. He’d just seen the OJ Simpson Story and that’s how “The Juice” got his Heisman Trophy. 

    Speaking of OJ, heard what he’s been boasting in prison? … He’s going to drop every soap in every prison shower till he finds the real killer.

    New Jersey and Nevada casinos have banned gamblers from wearing Google Internet  Glasses … The only exception is when you’re looking at naked pictures of the dealer.

    Many of our military weapons have parts on them imported from China … If we were smart we’d install “Made in China” stickers and shoot ’em at Iran.

    Dick Cheney has a new heart.Transplant doctors waited a long time to find the perfect donor … So somewhere there’s a lawyer walking around with a scar on his chest.

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