That would scare anybody! — 11 Comments

  1. Sergio has apologized for his remark about serving fried chicken to Tiger for dinner. He back pedalled and said he meant the Boston Red Sox players.

  2. The new head of Apple Computers testified before Congress about the off-shore tax dodges Apple uses. He told Congress that they need to simplify the tax code for corporations. They shouldn’t need computers to figure out their taxes. Oh, wait….

  3. The new Jeopardy! champion is a computer software engineer. In Final Jeopardy he bet $10,000. A one and four zeroes. Should’ve seen that coming.

  4. New federal meat labeling rules have gone into effect. Now the label will tell you where the animal was born, where it was raised and where it was slaughtered. Add its high school graduation picture and you’ve got an obituary.

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