Mars One project, eh?

TC in BC says:

The Mars One project, is planning to send willing pioneers on a one way trip to Mars, with no chance of returning to Earth. So far approx 80,000 applicants have signed up worldwide. At least 35 have come from Canada. It has just been verified that they are all players and/or coaches of the Vancouver Canucks.


Mars One project, eh? — 7 Comments

  1. Old and confused!
    Police arrested two residents of a senior center in New Jersey for running a prostitution/cocaine ring … You know, it’s real easy being a hooker to a senior. You don’t have to have sex, just tell him he forgot what a good time he had.

  2. The White House would really like to get these negative stories off the front page. Wonder how much they’ve offered to have Carnival Cruise Lines strand another ship somewhere?

  3. The latest player caught in baseball’s testing program is a Marlins minor league pitcher who has been suspended 50 games. If you have to cheat and you can’t even make the Miami Marlins roster, maybe it’s time to find a new career choice.

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