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  1. Tiger said he would never phone in a rules infraction on a fellow golfer if he saw it on TV. Of course, he owes his tour buddies that, for not finking to Elin.

  2. Winning tradition vs losing tradition:
    The TD Garden Boston has a statue of Bobby Orr in front; Rexall Place Edmonton has Wayne Gretzky. The Bell Center Montreal has statues of Morenz, Beliveau, Richard & Lafleur.

    At Rogers Arena Vancouver, there is a statue of a former coaching waving a white flag.

  3. The Mars One project, is planning to send willing pioneers on a one way trip to Mars, with no chance of returning to Earth. So far approx 80,000 applicants have signed up worldwide. At least 35 have come from Canada. It has just been verified that they are all players and/or coaches of the Vancouver Canucks.

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