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  1. According to, Tim Tebow is the most influential athlete on sports fans for 2013. He beat out the likes of swimmer Michael Phelps and Yankees Derek Jeter. Obviously, no coaches, GMs or owners have ever visited

  2. In her first life Congressman Nancy Pelosi was a model and was named “Miss Lube Rack of 1955.” … Being Miss Lube Rack was much more taxing than being a politician. For instance, she had to know the difference between a grease nipple and a hole in the ground.

    In an effort to lose weight, Chris Christie had a Lap-Band put on his stomach … So if you are wondering what ever happened to The Beastie Boys, now you know.

  4. I may buy a Benz for my birthday, and to hell with everyone in my will. I’m still alive and kicking. It’s time to let the three-pointed star shine.

  5. A question about South Carolina’s newly re-elected Congressman: Given his his impeachment vote after Bill Clinton lied about HIS affair, how long until Mark Sanford votes to impeach himself?

  6. Chris Christie’s office announced that the Governor, trying to lose weight, has undergone a “Lap-Band” procedure. Although when Bill Clinton called to congratulate him Christie had to explain, “Uh Mr. President, that’s BAND, not DANCE.”

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