Chin up, Hartley! — 8 Comments

  1. Cal-OSHA cited Disneyland for not providing safe working conditions for employees … Apparently the gloves used for carrying Walt’s head around don’t prevent freezer burn.

  2. During a NASCAR race sponsored by the NRA a spectator committed suicide with a gun … The winning driver was crowned when he pried the trophy from the guys cold dead fingers.

  3. Rutgers fired their basketball coach last week because he was overly abusive to his players. Now he’s coaching his 12-year-old daughter’s basketball team. He tells the girls the same thing he told the guys at Rutgers: “There’s no crying in basketball.”

    • I remember that Tom Hanks said “There’s no crying in baseball” in “A League Of Their Own”. I’m guessing he never talked to Chicago Cubs fans.

  4. Justin Bieber generated some angry responses due to narcisstic guest book comments that he wrote at The Amsterdam Anne Frank Museum. Young Justin probably thinks a diary is somewhere where they produce milk and cheese.

    • It’s been a rough European tour for Justin Bieber. He had to leave his monkey in Germany. That had to be painful.

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