Isn’t 42 the answer to all questions?

JERRY W says:

The new movie about Baseball great Jackie Robinson is called “42″, the player number he made famous. The plans to make a film about Ron Jeremy that was going to be called “10″ have been postponed because Ron objected, he says he got that number because it was very cold that day.


Isn’t 42 the answer to all questions? — 12 Comments

  1. This year, The Kentucky Derby will no longer used “Graded Stakes earnings” to determine eligibility. Are horse meat steaks graded the same as beef? USDA Select, Choice and Prime.

  2. Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have created functioning kidneys in the laboratory that work on rats. They stress that this is not ready for humans until it’s been tested so the doctors say intermediate tests must be taken. A call was made to the American Bar Association asking for volunteers since lawyers are nearly human, but as expected there was no response.

  3. 14-year-old Tialang Guan of China had the best score among amateurs playing at this year’s Masters golf tournament. He didn’t get any money for his accomplishment. Which means he made about a dollar an hour more than the typical Chinese worker.

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