Doctor Who’s on First? — 6 Comments

  1. Comic advice: When you have to account for your bi-weekly job-hunting activities, don’t list open-mike nights among your efforts.

  2. Tiger’s new Nike ad using the slogan “Winning Takes Care of Everything” is receiving negative reviews and opinions world wide. In an attempt to quell the controversy, Nike is planning to replace Tiger in the ad with Kim Jong-un using the same slogan.

    Sacramento has announced that a local group will put in a bid to keep the NBA Kings in the city. This is to keep the team from being sold to Seattle interests. In a separate bid to be announced today, Yao Ming, Bryant Reeves, Steve Nash and John McCaw want to purchase and relocate the team to Vancouver.

    Local golf course Quilchena has locked out their greenskeepers. They have now signed an agreement with a goat herder to have his animals take care of the course. The locked out workers are not happy that these goats are non-union. The golf course management stated that they did not hire “Union” goats, simply because they were not as hungry as the non-union ones.

    The makers of SPAM are under scrutiny as chunk of meat was discovered in a can of their product. It’s believed that this occurred due to “cross contamination” from an adjacent production line making ALPO.

    Sidney Crosby is out of action indefinitely due to being hit by a puck resulting in a broken jaw. It’s not known at this time when he can return to filming his next commercial.

    The Canucks suffered a terrible 4-0 loss in Edmonton on Sat night, ending a 6 game winning streak. That’s it, I decided to shave off my playoff beard that’s been growing since Jan 1. (thx to Smashdown for this one)

    The City of Richmond is looking at installing an “Emergency Computerized Traffic System” where emergency vehicles would receive “green’ lights all the way to their destination. An operator would ensure cross traffic would have red lights. Those that have driven in Richmond know the odds of any locals obeying traffic signals are worse than the Astros representing the AL in this year’s World Series.

    No joke here, Houston Astros are in 1st place in the American League this morning.

  3. Due to overwhelming demand Yes have added two new legs to their triple-header concert tour…sounds like a “Monster” Tour!

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