Oh, deer. — 8 Comments

  1. What is with those tribal tattoos on women’s lower backs? It’s like they’re saying: my boyfriend needs something to look at when we raw-dog-it.

  2. Blonde model, Kate Upton, sent her many Facebook followers a single word: HELP. Some 86,000 replied to this cryptic distress signal with offers of cash, blankets, and dinner-dates. Dreamers! She’s mine…

  3. On Holy Thursday, Francis became the first Pope to wash and kiss women’s feet … It’s a whole new direction for the Catholic Church: The Gospels according to Hugh Hefner.

  4. Boeing announced they will cut back on some of their pilot training standards … But don’t worry, they’ll still teach them the really important things: How to take off, how to land, and the difference between shaken and stirred.

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