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  1. Darrell Szczerba of Calgary Alberta won the lotto for $30 million last month. He now wants to return to work. His wife Laurie sent him for a brain scan. The doctors found nothing.

    The old job he wants back is at a concrete company. Once a cementhead, always a cementhead.

    • That’s funny WtT, of course u’ve given me permission to use that? hahaha

      I once saw an ingredient label that had “cultured celery seed” on it. guess they took it to the opera.

  2. An Agriculture teacher has been sentenced to 5 months in prison for having sexual relations with a male student. She told the judge she was teaching him how to sow his seed.

  3. Millions of Facebook users changed their profile picture to the red equal sign on Tuesday in support of marriage equality. One notable exception was the Duggar family who kept their multiplication sign.

  4. President Obama has named a woman to head the Secret Service. I guess that means the Secret Service will have a real culture change. Their parties will now feature the Chippendales.

  5. Good Idea: Dropping thousands of marshmallows from a helicoper over school-children.
    Bad Idea: Lighting the marshmallows on fire.

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