Mmm. A little more Joy, please. — 8 Comments

  1. A local college offered my wife a Grant to return to school. Ridiculous! What can you pay for with a $50-dollar bill?

  2. Close friends say that Tiger and Lindsey are getting along just great. The only time they’re not on the same page is when Tiger refers to “links”, he’s talking golf courses. She’s thinking sausage.

  3. Toenail clippings will be used to measure toxic exposure in a New Jersey town. Clippings wil be collected from people who had contact with the cast of “Jersey Shore.”

  4. China started building their own Disneyland copy but had to stop in 2000 because the money ran out … It’s surprisingly like Disneyland in Anaheim but for one major difference: The Mad Hatter is Nixon.

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