If Sarah had a drone, it’d be a Palindrone. — 17 Comments

  1. A robber, overcome with guilt, has returned $800 to a Michigan convenience store. He held it up over 30 years ago. I wonder if that will inspire the a*hole who broke into my William St house in 1983 to return my VCR.

  2. Tiger and Lindsey Vonn, Olympic Gold Medalist skier have announced they are dating. Rory McIlroy and #1 ranked WTA Tour Caroline Wozniacki are a team. The Dustin Johnson camp is still being very quiet.

  3. Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on sweet treats in big cups has been struck down by a federal judge … The judge said it was a freedom of speech issue, but I think he is really just a closet fan of “The Double Divas.”

  4. Over the years I’d heard many folks say that they thought that Harry swung both ways, I suppose if they bury him face down so his friends can recognize him, that may prove it.

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