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  1. EBONY Magazine’s Couple of the Year is quoted as saying: “Marriage is not a prison.” Yeah, I would say it’s more of a Terror Cell.

  2. The state of North Dakota has banned abortions when a heart beat can be detected. Democrats have launched a counter measure that would allow abortions when no brain wave activity can be detected, causing concern among republicans that it could allow certain congress members to be subject to “Very Late” term abortions.

  3. How about this Felix Baumgartner? Parachuted from outer space, twelve thousand six hundred feet. Of course he’s not the first guy to do it … That’s how Charlie Sheen got on earth.

  4. So there’s a new Pope, name of Francis the First. The guy before him was the first to quit in over 500 years. We should have known he wouldn’t last after he announced his name … Pope Palin the Second.

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