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  1. How do you know the ex-Pope has a “friend” staying the night? His mitre is hanging from the doorknob.

    Brand new tweet from the brand new civilian Pope. “Help, my junk’s shrunk!”

  2. Detroit is on the verge of bankruptcy, which means the city may have to lay off workers, sell city land, reduce workers’ pay and cut services. Detroit’s new nickname will be “Lesstown.”

    • As someone who was born and (somewhat) grew up there, I’ve always referred to Motown as “NoTown”, sadly it’s moving further in that direction.

  3. There are not many straight streets in my birthplace, bankrupt Detroit. Seems there’s always another crook in the road.

  4. There’s a children’s book out about Obama called “A President from Hawaii.” Wonder how many folks look at it and say “See, proof, he isn’t from the United States.”

  5. A former priest who made the allegations that led to the resignation of Cardinal Keith O’Brien says the Roman Catholic church wants to “crush” him. I have really bad news for the former priest–Chris Christie is Catholic.

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