Mr. Ed is boycotting IKEA too. — 15 Comments

  1. Now that the Pope’s retired I guess he’s free to date. So if you go on Christian Mingle and see the add, “Spent the last eight years serving the Heavenly Father,” it’s either him or some dude with an awesome daddy complex.

  2. You can eat horse meat in Europe and road kill in Montana; what next, eating your partner? … Oops! Forgot, you can do that now in Massachusetts.

  3. In Europe they tested the ground beef and found horsemeat. In Iceland, they tested some frozen beef pies and found there wasn’t any meat in them at all. Some other foods ought to be tested, too. Buffalo wings. Bear claws. Italian sausage.

  4. I told my wife that I needed a Man Cave to relax in. She is totally on-board with the idea, except at the cemetery they call it a Mausoleum…

  5. After just three episodes, ABC has cancelled the series “Zero Hour.” Apparently viewers thought the title of the show was appropriate.

  6. Groupon fired their CEO Andrew Mason. Don’t feel bad for Mason–he received a generous severence package that included a coupon for a free game of bowling and a free appetizer at Ruby Tuesday.

  7. Bankrupt Detroit will soon have an Emergency Manager appointed by the Michigan Governor. Bet the job will pay really well…

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